this is what i imagine sports is




this is what i imagine sports is


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Sexy vs. Skanky
For all that Cosmo is supposed to be totally feminist now, you guys, they still have this section, and they still use it to say “women wearing revealing clothing - sexy; women wearing incrementally more revealing clothing - skanky.”
See, if guys see part of your breasts, they’ll want to have sex with you, and that’s great; but if guys see a slightly larger part of your breasts, they’ll think you want to have sex with them, and that’s terrible.




I didn’t KNOW. Chris Evans swears like a sailor. Chris Evans has an adorable Bostonish accent. Chris Evans wants you to know that he can tap dance. Chris Evans thinks that Captain America is the least ass-kicking of all of the Avengers. Chris Evans loves to tell the story where he made an idiot of himself in front of Ben Affleck. Chris Evans is REALLY EXCITED TO DO THIS INTERVIEW. Chris Evans REALLY wants to talk to you and tell you what’s on his mind.

Chris Evans is STUPIDLY CHARMING. And no seriously, he swears LIKE A SAILOR. People who swear with alacrity are my fucking kryptonite.

I just DID. NOT. KNOW. I have literally never seen him outside of movies and photos before.

do you think coming of age movie is like, still haunting him?

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Straight Pride Parade


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@CanadiensMTL: Le respect de ses aînés. / Respecting his elders.

@CanadiensMTL: Son fan #1. / No.1 fan

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Trevor Linden and teammate Pavel Bure chat.

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 when you say “nonbinary identities don’t exist BECAUSE SCIENCE”

all you’re telling me is that you don’t know what science is

science is a systematic attempt to describe the world. science does not define the world

if you were to go up to a scientist and say “there are things that exist in the word that science does has not yet adequately described, or described at all” 

the scientist would be like “yeah i know, that’s why i still have a job”


shawzy, saader, and the crowd team up to make crow do a kaner shuffle impression